We are authorised resellers for Deerfield and AltN (Mdaemon,Wingate,Visnetic,Antivirus,Relayfax etc.)

Web Designing and Development :  

 BOSS International Inc. will create an affordable and well designed web site for you that will market your organization, products, or ideas effectively. We will make your site interactive, increasing your online success, and since we constantly update to newer technologies, we will keep your web site lively and up to date. The four phases of an effective web site.

Planning : Our web site consultant will contact you and discuss a layout for your web site, gather documents, logos to scan, etc.. We will also help you design the content for you website. We will work to identify your target market.

Designing and Development : Our web site designers will begin building and coding your web site using the latest graphics tools and editing software available. We will scan any pictures or logos you wish to use, as well as create customized graphics for your site.

Marketing : We can announce your new web site to the entire Internet by submitting to all the major search engines and directories for free.

Maintenance : BOSS International Inc. will update your web site when you need to make changes or add new technologies. In almost all cases these changes can be made quick and painlessly.

We have expertise in the following languages and tools

Languages :
HTML , DHTML , Active Server Pages 3.0 , Javascript ,VBScript ,CFML , PHP 4.0

Development tools :
Visual InterDev , Cold Fusion 4.5

Designing tools :
Adobe Photoshop 6.0, Paint Shop Pro 7.0 & Animation Shop, Flash4.0,Dreamweaver 4.0, 1-4all , HomeSite 4.0,GIF MovieGear.

Servers :

MS SQL Server, MS Access , Oracle , My SQL.