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Mdaemon :

 MDaemon is a full-featured Email server that can support all your LAN and Internet Email needs from one POP3 account (catchall id). MDaemon adds POP3, SMTP, and Mailing List services, account control and more, all on your network.

Some of the features of Mdaemon are listed below

MDaemon also includes WorldClient a web based email solution, allowing for global access to your Email accounts using a web browser.

Automatic Address Book Synchronization ComAgent can be used to synchronize address books between LDaemon and the Windows Address Book.
Shared Calendaring and Scheduling - Pro Only - New in 6.0! WorldClient now includes Shared Calendaring and Scheduling that allows appointments, meetings, and memos to be scheduled.

Ghosts / Terminal Service Support - Pro Only - New in 6.0! MDaemon support running MDaemon under a Microsoft Windows 2000 Terminal Service session. Will only support one session.

Enhanced MultiPOP Collection Options - New in 6.0! We've added a new collection method for MultiPOP mail. You can now elect to collect this sort of mail 'dynamically'.

Enhanced Spam Blocking - New in 6.0! The Spam Blocker can now be configured to check the IP addresses found in all 'Received' headers within SMTP and DomainPOP collected messages.

Improved Import/Export Capabilities - New in 6.0! The import/export processes have been enhanced to work with comma delimited files and also to contain many more fields than in the past.

Run WorldClient under IIS - New in 6.0! WorldClient can now be configured to run as a Virtual Directory under IIS.

Greatly Improved Spam Blocking - New in 6.0! The Spam Blocker now waits until later in the SMTP session to give a permanent error, this also allows for the creation of a Spam Blocker log file.

MDaemon's Multiple Domain Support enables businesses to run email servers for all departments, branches or customers with just one MDaemon mail server.

 WebAdmin, a free web configuration utility, allows the administrator and users to configure global, domain level, and user account settings via the Internet.

 MDaemon Pro supports IMAP4, a sophisticated client/server protocol for retrieving email.

AntiVirus Plug-in for MDaemon offers unsurpassed network protection. Installed on the MDaemon server, rather than dispersed on each client computer, AntiVirus proactively secures the network by identifying and stopping harmful email messages at the email gateway.

MDaemon features a complete suite of Mailing List or email group management functions that allow users to send a message to multiple recipients easily and privately, with just one email.

With a list of powerful features MDaemon is a total solution for your in house Email needs.

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