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Antivirus for Mdaemon :

  The Alt-N AntiVirus software integrates seamlessly with MDaemon and is powered by the world-renowned antivirus software developer: Kaspersky Labs. Alt-N AntiVirus will make certain that all email arriving through MDaemon is totally free from viruses. We insure the utmost in performance, identification, confinement, and elimination of email bourne viruses.

 Some of the features of the AntiVirus's .

 Log Files Logging allows Administrators to keep track of whom, when and where viruses are being detected.
 Runs as a Service Alt-N MDaemon AntiVirus is a background process that installs and runs as a service on Windows 9x, NT, 2000, and XP.
 Antivirus Updates AntiVirus updates can be scheduled so there is no need to perform daily administration to keep the system updated.
 Antivirus Protection Alt-N MDaemon AntiVirus scans every element of your email and offers multiple ways to handle infected emails.
 Virus Warnings When a virus is detected within a message, Alt-N MDaemon AntiVirus will notify the sender, recipient, and postmaster.
 Rich Text Scanning Alt-N MDaemon AntiVirus has support for scanning Rich Text emails sent by Outlook.
 Urgent Update Urgent Updates can be used to have Alt-N MDaemon AntiVirus trigger an update immediately.
 Macro Support Macros Support allows you to customize the look of warning messages that are generated.
 Virus Information You can find links to informative Internet sites showing live updates on virus information.

We not only sell you the software but do Installation and give Onsite and Telephonic Support at no extra cost (only in India)*.

Call Us or Email Us to get the pricing or buy the software

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